Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime...


Welcome fellow raiders!

So I see who have stumbled across this site then, eh? And now you want to find out about me then? Well, that's slightly creepy but oh well! Here are some of the questions I have been asked. Feel free to ask anything else in the forums. Don't worry, I'll answer truthfully!

Q. How did you come to like Tomb Raider?

A. By accident really! I grew up with Tomb Raider 2 & 3 at my disposal but never played them. Well no, I did but only the manor level really. I would run around them for hours doing nothing!  once though, I did try TR2 but only ever got to the second level. It was a few summers ago, that I was walking round GAME and came across the soldout range for PC. I saw Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness and picked it up. It looked awesome! I then realised Tomb Raider Legend was behind it. Looking at the screen shots on the back, I was amazed. I rummaged through the whole of the shelves to see if I could find any others but I didn't. Needless to say, I snapped them up and played through them both and as Lara once said, "I'm falling in love all over again!"  Then I got the Tomb Raider Collection for Christmas, seeing as it was going cheap! Have to say though, one of the best presents ever! I still haven't finished all the games!

Q. Which is your most favourite Tomb Raider and why? Can you give us a list?

A.  Sure why not, although the list will probably change from time to time!

1:Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness ~ It was a totally awesome story and the plot was so dark and well thought out. It was a fantastic game in my opinion

2:Tomb Raider Legend ~ I like this one simply because it's the most replayable Tomb Raider ever. You can just chill out and complete the game in one sitting so it's not that bad!

3:Tomb Raider 1 ~ The original has to be in there somewhere! The game and graphics were incredible for the time and the game has one of my all time favourite levels: Saint Francis' Folly!

4:Tomb Raider Anniversary ~ Despite the cutbacks, I enjoyed the reimagining. It was pretty and the expanded manor from TRL was great fun! And they expanded Saint Francis' Folly and made it even better! Well done Crystal, you got something right!

5:Tomb Raider 2 ~ Took everything from the first game and made it bigger and better. The shipwreck levels were very atmospheric. I haven't completed it yet but one day I might!

6: Tomb Raider Chronicles ~ Such an underrated game! The stories were great as were the locations. Russia and Ireland were the best levels set!

7:Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation ~ Everything a Tomb Raider should be! But why is it so low down on the list? I got bored after the Alexandria levels. Let's face it, the city levels weren't fun in any way.

8:Tomb Raider Underworld ~ It's a shame this game isn't higher up on the list. It also had one of my favourite levels (Thailand) Crystal really raised the bar for that level but in my opinon, every other level was boring.

8:Tomb Raider 3 ~ I have the game but get bored every time I try and get into it. 'Nuff said!

Q. How far have you got in each game?

A.Well, not very if most of them! Lets see:

Tomb Raider 1: Complete!

Tomb Raider 2: Catacombs of the Talion

Tomb Raider 3: Jungle (I keep getting lost!)

Tomb Raider 4: Citadel

Tomb Raider 5: Red Alert!

Tomb Raider 6: Complete!

Tomb Raider 7: Complete!

Tomb Raider AE: Complete!

Tomb Raider Underworld: Complete!